Nesmuk Knife

Published: 23rd April 2009
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We all need a knife or set of knives in out kitchens to peel potatoes

or blucher chickens. But there are collectors, may be, who look for

unique and most costly kitchen ware like Nesmuk - a diamond studded

knife. I was wondering that this piece of art is to peel potatoes, to

butcher chickens or to possess and to show?

Imagine what happens when Quintin Nel - reputed for his jewelry art -

joins with Hoffmann/Pieper - the most well known blade smiths for

producing a masterpiece among handmade knives? They create a

masterpiece like Nesmuk.

The goldsmiths Hoffmann/Pieper, who originate from Hamburg and

designers, chose the design of the traditional Nesmuk form. The handle

is made by using sterling silver and there are about eight diamonds

and they come with a blade of carbon steel. Nesmuk is the most

expensive as well as the sharpest kitchen knives that are available

anywhere in the entire world.

I know there is no end to luxury, have heard about golden spoons as

well as costly China but never thought that a knife will become also

become collectors delight in this age.

Nesmuk knife is a unique and progressive contribution in the increase in the values and quantity of kitchen cutlery set. Knife of Nesmuk provide very comfortable feel when the user try it on the vegetables or on the fruits. Its sharp diamond edges provide very low power to the user.

What you think you can do with Nesmuk knife if you happened to have this?

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